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Limbo – no, not that Limbo.

Do you ever find yourself in a season of waiting? A season where life just seems to be an endless loop of the same thing – get up, go to work, go home to bed. Where you wonder what life is actually for? That’s where I’m at the moment.

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Best laid plans…

Sometimes plans don’t go the way we want them to. Sometimes a whole year doesn’t go the way you expect it to. 2017 was that year for us, for my husband and I. We had such hopes, a transplant for him, possibly add to the family… However, 2017 had other ideas for us. Continue reading “Best laid plans…”

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Life at the moment…a list.

Hello to my readers out there. I know I have neglected posting anything for a little while. Life is full at the moment. Not so much with tangible stuff; however, personally, emotionally and medically a lot is going on. So, to fill you in with all the to-and-fro of the past month or so, here is a list of the more important moments, and thoughts that I’ve had.

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