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Middle of the Year – 2018 So Far

It’s that time of the year again. The half way mark, where I give you all a run down of how the year was up to now. A lot has happened this year, but everything pales in comparison to what Mark and I are going through as I type.

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“Sleepy Perth.” (Bed Hair – Thirteen)

Late the next morning and I was sitting in the hotel restaurant with Bianca and David, Chuck and Pierre, resting after gorging ourselves on the breakfast buffet. Yes, I did say Pierre was there. Come on, it’s not like I could avoid him, right? Though after the previous night it would’ve been some relief, but Bianca had insisted I come and eat breakfast with her. I still hadn’t managed to talk to Pat about any of this, either. For some reason he wasn’t up early today…or perhaps that was by design.
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