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Backstreet Boys…

When I was in year seven BSB was a big craze.  And their most famous hit was Everybody (Backstreet’s back).  We have it on karaoke…and I love the song.  But I never really was a huge fan of BSB.  Until the singles from Millenium came out.

  • I Want it That Way
  • Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
  • The One
  • Larger Than Life

I have all four singles…and the video for Larger Than Life was my favourite music video in 1999. 

BSB is:

  • AJ McLean
  • Brian Littrel
  • Kevin Richardson
  • Howie Dorough
  • Nick Carter

I now have the new BSB single ‘Incomplete’ I love it…and it also has two other tracks on it ‘Moving on" and ‘My Beautiful woman’ they are both very good.




2 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys…

  1. becarful young padawan the dark side is strong where your headed keep your mind clear and focus on the task at hand

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